Travel Extra’s Quotes of the Week Jan 3 2013

“There is no cause for concern” Spokesperson for Kingfisher after the flying permit for the Indian based airline expired at the end of 2012

“Irish people have enormous loyalty to Dublin zoo, I have never encountered anything like it. It is part of everyone’s life, everyone’s childhood.” – Leo Oosterweghel on Morning Ireland reporting a record 1,030,000 visitors.

“Why can’t you get out of Dublin airport car park without a credit card?” – Gay Byrne

“Those sickened are asked to isolate themselves in their cabin until non-contagious.” – Captain of the QM2 responds to his ship’s norovirus outbreak

We finally have our long-awaited freedom to determine our own future. – Rosie Hynes, chair of Shannon Airport Authority.

Fuel policy allows all its pilots to take as much fuel as they wish to take, which in all cases is more than minimum reserve fuel.” – Ryanair


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