Travel Extra’s Quotes of the Week: Feb 3 2013

Australia is falling short of what’s required to save the Great Barrier Reef,” Richard Leck, WWF’s Campaign Director in Australia.

The ruling now makes the airlines the insurer of last resort, even when these delays are entirely beyond an airline’s control. The decision will materially increase the cost of flying as airlines will be obliged to recover the cost of these claims. – Ryanair.

When consumers are out of pocket, they sometimes get the two fingers from big institutions and can face a very daunting case, but this has now been 100pc resolved. – John Hennessy solicitor for Denise McDonagh

Air carriers should foresee costs linked to the fulfilment of their obligation to provide care. The air carrier is obliged to fulfil that obligation even when … caused by extraordinary circumstances. – European Court of Justice

It is precisely in situations where the waiting period occasioned by the cancellation of a flight is lengthy that it is necessary an air passenger can have access to essential goods and services. – European Court of Justice

There is one more time to discuss it. – Joaquin Almunia on the Ryanair/Aer Lingus takeover

This will be the first EU airline merger which will deliver structural divestitures and multiple upfront buyers. We look forward to completing our offer for Aer Lingus subject to receiving approval from the EU competition authorities in early March – Ryanair’s first statement in many months on their Aer LIngus takeover bid.

To save weight, Boeing gambled on the powerful lithium battery, knowing full well its risks. The irony is that, in doing so, all it saved was 18kg (40lb) per plane, about the same as a single piece of baggage. – Tom Nuttall (“NV”) writing in the Economist

Nothing that we have learned has told us that we have made the wrong choice on the battery technology. – Jim McNerney of Boeing

Our investigators are moving swiftly and we are making progress, – Kelly Nantel of the US National Transportation Safety Board.

We saw strong demand out of the UK, out of Germany and out of Scandinavia and that has gone straight to our bottom line, – Michael Cawley on Ryanair’s results.

Never say never, -Gary Kelly CEO of Southwest Airlines on CNBC in repsonse to question on whether his company would ever change its policy of not charging fees for baggage or flight changes


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