Travel Extra’s Quotes of the Week Feb 10 2013

A devilish mountain parrot feared by hire car companies – Zoologist Mark Cawardine describes the Kea, after another robbery involving the New Zealand native parrot relieved a Scottish tourist of NZ£1100.

Only the motivation seems to be clear. We have taken market share from Ryanair, British Airways and Flybe and since they cannot beat us in the market place this seems to be a trick in front of the Commission. We see Flybe only being a tool in that game.  – Christophe Mueller

Why is O’Leary prepared to spend all this money to effectively buy half of Aer Lingus’s business? – Ciaran Hancock

We generally agree that weak airlines should disappear but this proposition turns this entire thing upside down. We question very much that Flybe will be an independent competitor to Ryanair. – Christophe Mueller

Irish people love travel so much, they feel that flying abroad is akin to a basic constitutional right. Richard Curran

If your back is so much against the wall you grab every straw. I see Flybe as the tool in the hands of Ryanair.  Ryanair have found the weakest airline of all, in such a desperate need of cash, after talking to more than 20 carriers in the last nine months. I believe for Flybe, without exaggerating, it is a question of survival. – Christophe Mueller

Of 2,000 wetlands across the world regarded as especially important, 45 are in Ireland. – Michael Viney

The odds of Ryanair’s bid for Aer Lingus succeeding have now increased beyond 50:50, whereas if you had asked me three months ago, I would have said less than 10pc chance of success.” – Willie Walsh on The Business on RTÉ 1 radio


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