Travel Extra’s Quotes of the week Feb 17 2013

No matter what remedies we offered, we were not going to get a fair hearing and were going to be prohibited regardless of competition rules. – Ryanair

“We haven’t spent €400m investing in Aer Lingus to just walk away from it.” – Howard Millar:

More people are dying in lifeboat drills than are being saved by lifeboats. _ Andrew LInington of Nautillus, the Seafarers Union, after 5 crew died in a lifeboat accident on board Thomson Majesty.

Growth in Aer Lingus pre-exceptional operating profit was mainly due to a benign yield environment. – Centre for Aviation Policy.

It looks like a shanty town, with sheets, almost like tents, mattresses, anything else they can pull to sleep on,” Carnival Triumph passenger Jimmy Mowlam.

People were hoarding food, boxes and boxes of cereal, grabbing cake with both hands. Carnival Triumph passenger Debbie Moyes

You fall off a bicycle, you don’t never ride again? Carnival Triumph passenger Mike Westwood

The Florida Highway Patrol will defer enforcement of a law that requires visitors from outside the United States to have an International Driving Permit to drive lawfully in Florida. – Florida Highway Department.


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