Travel Extra Sunday Supplement: Shaggy Dog Tail of the Spaniel who flew to Spancilhill instead of Phoenix Arizona

hendrix the dog

Too early, alas, for Willie Clancy week, a dog named “Hendrix” was sent to Shannon in County Clare instead of Phoenix Arizona in a cargo shipment from Newark airport, New York. The six-year-old English Springer Spaniel was dispatched on United Airlines on the wrong flight in the wrong direction on the Thursday before St Patrick’s weekend. As owner Marilyn Grant’s father said: “let’s hope he had some Guinness and corned beef and cabbage.” While on the unexpected detour, Hendrix was well looked after, walked and fed by United staff and returned home on Tuesday to wake up in Arizone-eye-ay, many miles from Spancilhill. The accidental trans-Atrlantic spaniel seemed none the worse for his Clare airing, with an extra spring in his spanieldom, flaunting a new found taste for Irish music, set dancing, saffron and blue hurlers and cliff top walkies in the wild Atlantic air. See video.


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