Travel Extra’s Sunday Supplement: Tianguis Turistico Mexico Goes Inland – Way Inland

Rafael Moreno Claudia Ruiz puebla 2013

Mexico’s major tourism event Tianguis Turistico moved inland, way inland for the first time in 2013. In keeping with the new Mexican Tourism Minister Claudia Ruiz (pictured above on right with Governor Rafael Moreno) who said that there is more to Mexico than beach holidays, and that the new government want to give a higher priority to tourism and to promote adventure, medical tourism, luxury and singles travel. The fair attracted 500 exhibitors and 600 buyers from 42 countries. But Tianguis is not renowned for being the best organised at the best of times and the event ran out of air and bed capacity. Many delegates had to stay in Cholula, Atlixco and Tlaxcala and the provision of extra charters did not succeed in getting all the registered delegates there. Time to move back to Acapulco?.


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