TRAVEL Extra’s Sunday Supplement: Cork to Boston, Roger Dow rows in on side of NAI


june 26 2016 720

  • Black Friday for travel as Britain exits EU
  • Roger Dow pledges support for Cork-Boston
  • Dublin leads REVpar in Europe
  • June 1 opening for Universal’s Volcano Bay
  • Spanish Tourist Board hosts Irish travel writers
  • Sean Brogan ends second stint as CEO in Stobart Air saga
  • Ethiopian Airlines hope to increase Dublin-Addis Adaba service

Travel Extra TV

video of the week june 26Video of the week: Take a 360° cockpit tour of Emirates Airbus A380. Use the the navigation at the top left-hand corner to toggle around the aircraft. Watch here.

Behind the Headlines

roger-dow_0590-copy-300x225America is NOT a fortress, the US Travel Industry Association CEO Roger Dow told delegates at IPW in New Orleans. He produced big numbers for a big debate, as the visa wavier programme comes under threat from Capitol Hill (as is the J1 programme): 52pc of visitors to the US creating a $119bn impact supporting 780,000 jobs: A few less-than-informed US leaders called for shutting this programme down entirely. However, through active engagement with our lawmakers, we were able to preserve and even enhance it.

The American inbound conference hosted 22 delegates from Ireland including seven media among 6,000 delegates and 490 media at its largest ever conference. Roger Dow told TRAVEL Extra we had better stop talking about being a record because some year it will not (it was not for media this year).

Chris ThompsonIn response to a question from TRAVEL Extra about the proposed NAI operation which includes routes from Cork and Shannon to Boston, Roger Dow (watch here) said that the argument that it was a threat to US pilots did not hold water for him and he supported and looked forward to working with Norwegian Air International. CEO of Brand USA Chris Thompson (watch here) said that he hoped the visa spat between the US and EU would not happen, and David Scowsill made a similar call at the US Travel Association press conference. Chris Thompson said brand USA had generated 3m incremental visitors. The IMEX film to celebrate the centenary of the National Parks was shown to delegates, 1m people bought tickets in the first 10 weeks making it the most successful widescreen movie of all time. Coolest video on show was a Happy Birthday to You National Parks video.

Gil KerlikowskeGil Kerlikowske of US CBP says it was open season on pre-clearance and that they were inviting airports all over the world to submit pre-clearance proposals before end August. Up to 40 more airports will be participating in the expansion, and Iceland may be amongst them. The facility, available in Dublin and Shannon, is already scheduled for major hubs, Amsterdam, Heathrow, Istanbul and Madrid, as well as Brussels, Manchester, Oslo, and Stockholm and airports in Japan and Dominican Republic.

volcano bayUniversal announced the opening date for Volcano Bay would be June 1 next year (see below). New York announced its smart city initiative which would see universal wifi through the streets. Ireland has slipped to the 19th most important market to New York city with 210,000 visitors a year but an increase of 12pc would leap frog five places. Fred Dixon said the hotel beds would reach 120,000 from 107,000 in 2016 and reach 135,000 in 2019 and that demand was growing by 3.6pc, 33.7m room nights were sold in 2015: we have added the whole inventory of San Francisco to New York over the past seven years.” Los Angeles showcased their new Metro line extension to Santa Monica and said the Metro to LAX would be completed in 2019. Cindy Tang showcased the intercontinental hotel where guests will check in on the 50th floor. Washington DC promised to keep us irrigated and keep us moving next year, the microsite for IPW 2017 went live. Read here.

Tribute was paid at the Monday luncheon event to the victims of the Orlando shooting. Roger Dow side-stepped a question about gun law from Graham McKenzie of Travelmole at the US travel Association press conference.

Roger Dow told delegates that the issue of security queues at American airports was being tackled, 99pc of travellers now wait less than 30 minutes in security lines, and 93pc wait less than 15 minutes.

gladys knightNew Orleans was en fete for the occasion (watch here), with Dr John performing at the opening, Gladys Knight performing at a lunch event, the Broadway showcase featured the cast from Beautiful, Chicago (celebrating 20 years), Paramour, Wicked and On Your Feet in one breath-taking spectacular, with the Denver and Washington DC parties giving San Francisco a run for their money. Six post-fams departed for the hinterland on Thursday under the watchful organisation of Jeff Richard. Delegates engaged in one day showcase trips of the city TRAVEL Extra combined a riverboat trip on the Naxes and walking tour, but missed the music tour where tour guide, Pulitzer winning author Chris Rowe melted down mid tour and lost most of his party (although the ones who stayed said it was their best tour ever).

There were breakout parties such as one at the only Irish-owned plantation. John Devereux led a breakout of Irish traditional musician delegates to an Irish pub on Monday night for a session. And yes, the Lakes of Ponchatrain was sung, (as well as the parting glass). See more pictures here or connect with the album on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 23.35.41It will take two years to complete Britain’s exit from the EU under Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty. Thursday’s referendum left English people frantically Googling what the EU is, hours after voting to leave it. TRAVEL Extra’s verdict is that this is bad news, a black Friday for travel, partly because of the exit decision itself, partly because of the prospect of the ugly xenophobia expressed during the campaign be written into law by a government led by Boris Johnson.

willie walsh_2664 copyMost reaction fell into the “putting a brave face of it” school of PR. IAG estimates that ticket sales will contract 2-3pc. Heathrow rushed out a statement saying it was still open to international visits (it cannot possibly be sure). IAG said profits would take a hit, but they will still be profitable. The prospect of bringing transit passengers through Dublin instead of Heathrow never looked so wise (did Willie know something was up when he bought Aer Lingus?). Cruise lines are committed to Southampton in 2017 but they will no doubt be weighing up their options. For Irish travellers a whole raft of EU consumer law no longer necessarily applies, caps on roaming charges for mobile phones, air delay compensation and access to health with the EHIC card. Feistiest statement was from Tourism Ireland confirming they were here not under threat from the result.

Hard border checks are more likely to be imposed at Belfast’s airports and harbour than the back road between Carrickmacross and Keady (while England (53/46) and Wales (52/48) voted to leave, Scotland (62/38) and the north (56/44) voted to stay.

Uncertainty now surrounds the Common Travel Area system which is effectively a visa-waiver applied in Ireland (and vice versa) for citizens of 18 countries who have accessed the other jurisdiction with Irish or British visas. Bahrain, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Montenegro, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan.

Six nationalities are visa free in Ireland but not in Britain: Bolivia, Fiji, Guyana, Lesotho, South Africa and Swaziland.

Seven nationalities are visa-free in Britain but not in Ireland, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Micronesia federation, Namibia, Palau, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste. Large markets such as Argentina, Brazil and Mexico still require separate visas for both countries. Ireland is now free to join Shenghen, which it had been reluctant to do under the old system.

For the north there is another problem. Tourism interests will lose access to considerable EU structural fund support under five funding categories, without which many of them will not survive. Cross-border tourism marketing initiatives will also be threatened. And of course, duty free. Booze cruises to Holyhead will be legal again. Perish the thought.

Ireland exports 13pc of its produce to Britain, down from more than 70pc when we joined the EEC in 1972, so the countries are not as tied as the famous Dublin Opinion cartoon form 1962 would suggest.

donald trumpDonald Trump, on a visit to Scotland, celebrated: I think I see a big parallel. People want to take their country back and they want to have independence in a sense. They took their country back, just like we will take America back. Oh dear.

Five Irish travel writers were initiated into the delights of some of the lesser-known parts of inland northern Spain this week as the Spanish Tourist Board in Dublin took them to Segovia, Leon and Burgos. Sara Rivero Lopez, the STB’s media manager in Dublin, hosted the four-day trip before the group returned to Barajas Airport, Madrid, via the Grupo Yllera Wineries in the village of Rueda. The group stayed at the Hotel San Antonio El Real in Segovia, lunching at the iconic Meson Candido on slow-roast suckling piglet before journeying two and a half hours north to Burgos where they stayed in Hotel Meson El Cid, with views over Burgos Cathedral. Dinner in La Favourita involved seven courses of tapas including the local delicacy “morcillo” (black pudding). In Leon, the following day, the group stayed at Hotel Silken Luis de Leon and sampled a nine-course lunch at Racimo de Oro (the “Golden Bunch of Grapes”) in the old city. They dined at the Parador in Leon before leaving for Madrid and the wineries of Yllera the following day.

sean broganSean Brogan has ended his second stint as CEO in the soap-opera that is the Stobart Air takeover. Most intriguing phrase in the departure statement was the reference that he will stay on as Chief Executive as the board identifies a new CEO for the airline, to ensure that necessary regulatory requirements are in place for a smooth transition, working in partnership with the Irish Aviation Authority, amid rumours that regulators were concerned about management of the former Aer Arann. This has been in structural tumult since Invesco Perpetual decided they wanted to offload their shareholding, triggering a similar response by Stobart itself. This included a boardroom reshuffle and the arrival and departure of ex-Ryanair Tim Jeans within a six month period. Media commentators have pushed the idea of a Cityjet takeover (one recalls Pat Byrne talking about one big airline at an ITAA conference some years ago) but there are other bidders including Dublin-based Aviation Finance Company. Stobart recently confirmed it is retaining its presence in Carlisle, as well as Southend and Isle of Man but the Santry based airline may be looking elsewhere in Europe after the referendum result.

ethiopian airlinesEthiopian Airlines wish to increase their Dublin to Addis Adaba service (and on to Los Angeles) to 4w in the short term and 5w in the medium term, up from 3w at present, TRAVEL Extra was told at a trade event in L’Ecrivain in Dublin to celebrate the first anniversary of Ethiopian’s Addis-Dublin-LAX service. Ethiopian will shortly take delivery of their first Airbus A350 from Airbus in Toulouse to become the first African operator of the type For passengers whose connecting flight is over 8 and up to 24 hours, interline desk at Addis will facilitate hotel accommodation provided that such passengers have transit /entry visa. For those nationals/ citizens who are eligible for transit visa on arrival, interline desk will facilitate such transit visa. The airline provides a hotel bus service for layover transit passengers. Picture shows Ashmika Sukhdeo, Michael Yohannes and Liza Haileselassie of Ethiopian Airlines  See more pictures here or connect with the album on Facebook.

Travel Trade

Mayor of North Down, Alan Graham, and Sandra Corkin at the opening to the new Oasis Travel Bangor branch with the Bangor team (l-r) Jill McBurney, Heather Mitchell, Manager Lynn Jamison, Nicola Ferris, Melanie Harper and Deborah Stewart.

Celebrity Cruises is to offer new flight direct from Belfast International Airport as part of Regional Jet Set Sail programme. Oasis Travel is offering a charter flight on July 13 2017 from Belfast International Airport to Venice to join Celebrity Celebrity Constellation on a nine night eastern Mediterranean itineraries. Part of Celebrity Cruises’ Regional Jet Set Sail programme, the flight allow guests to enjoy free car parking, reduced airport check-in times, larger seat pitches in-flight, an increased luggage allowance and interlined service from airport check-in to on-board accommodation. Guests travelling with Oasis Travel will also enjoy priority embarkation to the ship. Luggage will be transferred from the airport to the ship as part of the service. Picture shows Mayor of North Down, Alan Graham, and Sandra Corkin at the opening to the new Oasis Travel Bangor branch with the Bangor team:  Jill McBurney, Heather Mitchell, Manager Lynn Jamison, Nicola Ferris, Melanie Harper and Deborah Stewart.

To celebrate Ireland’s final match in the group stages in Euro 2016 as Ireland took on the Italians, Topflight, the Italian Specialist treated travel agents to a night to remember in Copper Face Jacks.

bookabed bar billPicture shows Beverleigh Fly and Lee Osborne being presented with the bar bill at the Bookabed A2B resorts and Universal event for the trade in Cork. Bookabed, Universal and A2B Transfers hosted 100 travel agents at an appreciation night in The Court Yard by Sober Lane venue in Cork City. See more pictures here or connect with the album on Facebook.

A statement from Skål said they are about to restart the recruitment process for a new CEO. They have received 100 responses in their search for a CEO. Deadline for applications is June 30.

Agent Promotion

Lorraine Quinn and Jo Rzymowska of Celebrity Cruises who hosted agents and travel writers on board Celebrity Silhouette in Dublin, May 31 2016

Celebrity Cruises is giving agents the chance to earn up to €24 in Celebrity Rewards points on every 2016 booking with the luxury cruise line that is made before July 3. At the end of the campaign, the top 100 agents selling 2016 Celebrity Cruises sailings will win their very own Celebrity Moment that includes an extra 25,000 Celebrity rewards points, a luxury hamper, flowers and a top 100 Celebrity Cruises trophy. Both incentives are applicable on bookings made between now and July 3. Agents can convert the points into luxury gifts, such as designer jewellery, tech gadgets, or even put their points towards a cruise holiday. Picture shows Lorraine Quinn and Jo Rzymowska of Celebrity Cruises.

Travel Media

conor and teamWith all the talk at the Global Editors Network Summit of emerging platforms, what about the poor old newspaper? TRAVEL Extra‘s Conor McMahon was in Vienna to hear about the future of journalism and media. La Presse in Canada explained how they transformed their business model from print to digital-only. After a three-and-a-half year study — and a $40 million investment — the newspaper migrated from paper to tablet as La Press+. “Tablet fills the gap between print, mobile and web,” said Pierre-Elliott Levasseur, chief operating officer of La Presse. “[Publishers have] lost control over distribution. A move to tablet for us is a natural progression to what we do spectacularly well: Great storytelling and massive reach.”  Conor also met‘s Cory Haik to talk about making news relevant to millenials, learned about how virtual reality is becoming a reality for publishers, and spoke to Charlie Hebdo‘s editor-in-chief about cartooning in an age of instability. Read it here.

Strange World

giraffeA new documentary narrated by David Attenborough says that there are now just 90,000 giraffes roaming the African plains, fewer than the endangered African elephant. With the population at around 150,000 just 15 years ago, numbers have decreased by 40pc because of habitat loss and poaching

Bizarre Facebook complaints of the week: A man from Perth was allegedly kicked off a cruise for flicking a cigarette off the side—leaving his wife onboard, while a passenger was supposedly kicked off a flight for having an “Arabic-looking” beard. Both stories were reported in the Daily Mail, so handle with care.

Buy a car, get a free AR-15 rifle. New Hampshire car dealer Mike Hagan is giving away weapons with each sale. Could this be the most reckless promotion ever?

shark died after a group of tourists took it out of the water to pose in photographs with it.

Chengdu Civil Aviation Academy released pictures of Chinese cabin crew taking part in military training, supposedly to help them deal with emergency situations.

A compilation video was posted online showing a number of terrified tourists being dragged across glass bridges in China. Watch here.


  • STR Data reported Ireland was the top performing country for RevPAR cumulative first six months of the year up 21.2pc to €77.18. Year to June occupancy was up 6.3pc, and ADR up 13.9pc. RevPAR in Dublin hotels was up 22.2pc.
  • Tom Moran of the Red Cow Hotel is “out of danger”, according to news reports, after he was put in a coma following a fall in Spain.
  • Amaris Hospitality appointed Donal Rooney, formerly of NAMA, as its new CFO.
  • GTMC survey  found that 75pc of business travellers prefer to stay in chain hotels.
  • Limerick’s Strand Hotel launched a 72-hour Brexit sale for those who “need a break from it all”.
  • OTA signed a partnership with HotelPlanner.
  • Four Points by Sheraton hotel is expected to open in Havana in the next two weeks.


cheetah on bonnet 001 copyThe annual wildebeest migration has arrived in Kenya’s Maasai Mara. Each year Maasai Mara Reserve plays host to the famous wildlife spectacle as herds of wildebeest and zebra storm the banks of the Mara and Talek rivers in their millions in search of fresh pastures.

TRAVEL Extra’s Eoghan Corry writes: The stadium event of safari is the Serengeti migration in Tanzania and across the border in Kenya, a great circular motion across a national park the size of Munster, and the neighbouring plains and savannah woodland in the adjoining Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

cheetah two vehicles 003 copyThe charge is led by the zebras, advance guards of the migration. They eat the taller grass, chasing away the tsetse flies that harass the thinner-skinned wildebees that in turn eat the shorter grass. They all have different talents. Zebras can see clearly, wildebeest can’t but have a sharp sense of smell, while gazelles have good ears. Serengeti gets its name comes from a Masai word for ‘endless plain’ and contains 2.5m animals., a million and a half wildebeest (also known as gnus), half a million zebras, and hundreds of thousands of assorted gazelles. And there are also tourists, in lines of buses and land rovers, here to feast as well.

US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced that Columbus, Ohio has been selected as the winner of the US Department of Transportation’s $40m Smart City Challenge. Two wins in a week for Columbus, whose basketball team’s victory sparked off some of the wildest celebrations in sporting history.

The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority launched their MyMauritius app for smartphones and tablet devices.

Fourteen people, mostly children, tragically drowned in a lake in northwest Russia after a tourist boat capsized during a storm.

bill cunninghamLegendary New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham died, age 87. A pioneer of street style, Cunningham documented the clothes and culture of Manhattan for 40 years. He was the subject of Richard Press’s 2010 documentary film Bill Cunningham: New York, which is available on Netflix. It portrays a simple, eccentric photojournalist, wholly dedicated to his work—he sometimes refused payment and never ate or drank even a glass of water at functions in order to protect his journalistic integrity. He was obsessed by the clothes he saw on the streets of New York and Paris, but himself wore the same outfit every day (a blue workman’s coat).”The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been. Always will be.”

Food and Wine

  • According to Go Euro’s beer index, Bratislava is the cheapest city of the 70 surveyed to buy a bottle of beer with an average price of €1.47. Lausanne is the most expensive with an average of €8.47. Dublin ranked at number 37 with an average of €5.56.
  • Fabulous Food Trails added a coffee walk to their programme, guided by food writer Aoife McElwain. The next one takes place July 2, 11am-1.30pm and costs €50.
  • Letterkenny Institute of Technology student Patrick Brady, from Donegal, was awarded one of 12 bursaries worth €12,000 for a Spanish gastronomy and tapas training programme at Valladolid’s International School of Culinary Arts.


iberia corkCork’s new direct service to Madrid with Iberia Express, part of the IAG group, began on June 18 and will operate until September 17. Flights will be operated by an Airbus 320 aircraft, equipped with 180 seats distributed in 18-162 configuration. Spain is the most competitive tourism industry,  Picture shows Joe Carroll, Deputy County Cork Mayor; Cllr. Chris O’Leary, Lord Mayor of Cork; Gonzalo Ceballos, MD, Tourist Office of Spain, Dublin; Rafael Soriiano, deputy head of mission, Spanish Embassy; Catalina Goode Lopez, Viceconsul of Spain in Cork and Kevin Cullinane, head of communications, Cork Airport. See more pictures here or connect with the album on Facebook.

NewRunway_Dublin_f copyDublin Airport‘s public information and consultation event at Roganstown Hotel and Country club heard that, when planning permission was granted originally, a condition listed as “Condition 5” stated that on completion of the new runway, the average number of night time aircraft movements shall not exceed 65 per night (between 2300 and 0700).  The DAA confirmed to me that currently, the amount of movements within the same “night time” period are 100 On completion of the new Northern runway, the original runway ( Southern runway) will be the preferred runway to be used for departing aircraft when the winds are from the East.  When the winds are from the West, the Northern runway will be preferred departure runway. Slide attached showing the planned runway operation when completed.

Stobart Air confirmed that Aer Lingus Dublin to East Midlands 7w, Doncaster-Sheffield 6w and Cardiff 12w will cease with effect from November 1. Frequencies on other routes will be increased including Dublin-Bristol up 4w.

Getting to and from Caracas is becoming increasingly more difficult. Aeromexico followed other followers in suspending the Mexico City – Caracas route on Friday after almost five years due to the difficulty of getting revenue from ticket sales out of the country.

KLM_Embraer190_PHEZC_AMS_250315_8658 copyKLM is to use a 100-seat Embraer 190 on its new double daily service from Dublin to Schiphol to commence October 30. KLM become the third carrier on the route after Aer Lingus and Ryanair. Aer Lingus codeshare with KLM on Dublin-Amsterdam will remain in place. Flight KL935 from Amsterdam to Dublin will depart at 12:00 hours and arrive at 12:40 local time. Flight KL936 will depart 13:15 hours, arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at 15:50 hours. The evening flight (KL939) will leave Amsterdam at 21:20 hours and arrive at 22:00 hours. The return flight (KL932) will depart the following morning at 05:55 hours, touching down in Amsterdam at 08:30 hours.

iaa bursary prizePicture shows IAA’s Brian Skehan presenting Florian Byrnes of Atlantic Aviation Group with the prize for the DIT Aircraft Maintenance IrelandSkills competition, which was sponsored by the aviation authority. Florian was awarded a further education bursary prize worth €1,000.

Kuwait Airways launched a 3w Kuwait to New York JFK via Shannon service operated by a B777-200.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 00.56.14Do you know the happy couple that got engaged on an Aer Lingus flight to New York?

aer lingus cycleThe third annual Aer Lingus Charity Cycle, in association with the Shannon Group, takes place July 23. Proceeds from the 110km cycle got to Irish Children’s Arthritis Network and Abalta Special School in Galway. The first 100 participants to register will be entered into a draw to win flights to Boston or New York. Register here.

  • AWAS delivered an A320 aircraft to VivaAerobus.
  • Reports suggested that a merger between CityJet and Stobart Air could be finalised.
  • Ethiopian Airlines to replace Cairo with Malta as its re-fuel stop on the Addis Ababa to Madrid service operated by a B737-800, effective June 30.
  • AWAS announced an order with Airbus for 12 A320ceo and three A321ceo aircraft.


  • norwegian dawnThe Irish Maritime Development Office gives a total of 4,383,953 ferry passengers through Irish ports in 2015.
  • NCL‘s Norwegian Dawn emerged from a month-long dry dock with updated restaurants, bars, lounges and cabins and public spaces.
  • From July 1, Royal Caribbean will launch an express, takeout version of Izumi sushi.
  • Series three (yes, really) of the YouTube teen drama series set on a Royal Caribbean cruise  has been released. Watch the trailer here.
  • Elisabeth Gurtler was chosen as the godmother of Crystal Cruises‘ first river ship, Crystal Mozart. The christening ceremony will take place in Vienna in July.


door of thronesAnother week, another Game of Thrones door from Tourism NI and Tourism Ireland (there are now 20). This time, at Ballygally Castle Hotel in Co Antrim. Picture shows Stephanie Brooks of Ballygally Castle Hotel, Paul Coleman of Tourism NI, Andrew Sheehan of Tourism Ireland and Tina Duffield of Ballygally Castle Hotel.

Jim DeeganRailtours Ireland first class announced a new day tour for summer 2016 to Belfast and the Gobbins. It was originally built in 1902 by the Northern Counties Railway Companies chief engineer Berkeley Deane Wise as a major Edwardian tourist attraction. The trip features a two mile trek through basalt cliffs and a guided tour of Belfast City. Picture shows Jim Deegan of Railtours Ireland.

CHINESE JOURNALISTS HAVE A WRITE TIME IN IRELANDTwo editors and a photographer from China’s Traveler Magazine visited Ireland this week, as guests of Tourism Ireland, Fáilte Ireland and Tourism NI. Their visit coincided with Bloomsday and included Lissadell House and Gardens, Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and Derry. Picture shows Demi Yang of Tourism Ireland, tour guide Min Ling with Yu Feng, Zhen Chen and Yao Wei of Traveler Magaine at Lissadell Hosue.

The Top Gear episode featuring Kerry and the Wild Atlantic Way airs this Sunday, 8pm on BBC2.

Deal Watch

thomson deal watchThomson offers: 14 nights all inclusive Riu Montego Bay, Jamaica from €1,599pps, depart July 3. 14 nights all inclusive Riu Lupita, Playacar, Mexico from €1,549pps, depart July 4. 14 nights all inclusive 3* Riu Lupita, Playacar, Mexico from €1,249pps, depart July 11. 14 nights all inclusive 4* ClubHotel Riu Negril, Jamaica from €1,649pp, depart July 3. 7 nights half board 5* Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas, Playa Del Ingles, Gran Canaria from €959pp, depart July 21. 7 nights B&B 2* Imparator, Olu Deniz, Dalaman from €699pp, depart July 25. 7 nights B&B 3* Roda Oasis Roda, Corfu from €539pp, depart July 29. 7 nights self catering 2* Cosmos Maris, Lardos, Rhodes from €489pp, depart July 20. 7 nights self catering 3* Nirides Beach, Psalidi, Kos from €529pp, depart July 30. 7 nights half board 3* Golden Donaire Beach, Costa Dorada, Salou from €789pp, depart Knock July 26. 7 nights half board 4* Hotel Angela, Fuengirola, Costa Del Sol from €739pp, depart July 24. 7 nights half board 4* Sensimar Los Gigantes, Tenerife from €1,159pp, depart December 23.  7 nights full board Cosmopolitan Classics cruise on board TUI Discovery from €1,519pp, depart July 30. Visit or call 1850 45 35 45.

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hastings hotels deal watchHastings Hotels conference offers: Conference room at Stormont Hotel’s Confex Centre from £30pp incl. drinks and snacks throughout the day and facilities including projector, flip chart, paper and pens, available until August 31, minimum booking of 15 delegates, call 028 9065 1066. Conference suite at Europa Hotel’s Euro Business Centre from £100 for half day/ £150 for full day incl. facilities, sweets and water, available until August 31, call 028 9027 1066. Conference suite hire at Culloden Estate and Spa from £45pp incl. refreshments, facilities, lunch and day pass to spa for an additional £25pp, available until August 31, minimum booking of 10 delegates, call 028 9042 1066. Visit

Wendy Wu Tours is offering business class upgrade on Vietnam tours in 2016 for departure September 1 to December 8. Also on offer, no single room supplement on 2016 tours across China, south east Asia and India, depart Dublin and Cork. Call  0818 776 380.

Topflight offers: 7 nights B&B 4* Hotel Alto Lido, Funchal, Madeira from €619pps, depart June 30. 7 nights B&B 5* Hotel Melia Madeira Mare from €899pps, depart June 30. 7 nights half board 3* Hotel Senior, Cattolica, Adriatic Riviera from €549pps, depart July 2. 7 nights self catering 4* Bella Italia, Pescheira, Lake Garda from €799pps, depart July 2. 7 nights half board 4* Hotel Savoy Palace, Riva, Lake Garda from €1,049pps, depart July 2. 7 nights self catering 4* Villa Petra Aparthotel, Albufeira, the Algarve form €599pps, depart July 2. 7 nights self catering 2* Puerto Carmen Aparthotel, Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote from €609pps, depart July 2. 7 nights half board 4* Hotel Majestic Palace, Sorrento from €799pps, depart July 3. 7 nights half board 4* Hotel Bristol, Sorrento from €1,069pps, depart July 3. 7 nights B&B 3* Hotel San Vincenzo, Sicily from €599pps, depart July 9. 7 nights B&B 3* Hotel Londra, Sorrento from €599pps, depart July 10. Visit or call 01 240 1700.

Classic Resorts honeymoon offers: 8 nights 4* Tubkaak Boutique Resort, Krabi, Thailand from €1,239pps incl. taxes, depart September 1. 2 nights 5* Pathumwan Princess Hotel Bangkok and 8 nights 5* Layana Resort & Spa, Koh Lanta from €2,679pps incl. flights, tropical flowers, champagne and chocolates on arrival. Call 01 874 5000.

tourism ni deal watchTourism NI offers; 1 night B&B Newforge House, Co Armagh from £117.50pps incl. tea/coffee and homemade bakes on arrival and a six-course seafood tasting dinner, available July 16 and 17, call (028) 611255. 1 night B&B 4* Corick House Hotel & Spa, Co Tyrone from £80pps incl. late check out, 25-minute spa treatment and champagne and strawberries on arrival, call (028) 85 548216. 1 night B&B Ten Square Hotel, Belfast from £175 per couple incl. Prosecco and strawberries on arrival and 3 course meal in Jospers Steakhouse, call (028) 90 241001.

See for more video.

Email to have your say or it is @TravelExtraIre on Twitter if that’s your bag. 

Upcoming events of interest to the trade


  • June 27 CLIA@ Cork
  • June 28 CLIA @Galway
  • June 29 CLIA@Dublin
  • June 28-July 2 Meetings & Incentive Forum, Madrid
  • July 6 Insight Vacations brochure launch
  • July 8 Gonzalo Ceballos farewell
  • July 11-17 Farnborough Air show
  • July 12 Skal evening function, Gibson Hotel
  • July 17 Foynes Air Show
  • July 18 Kimpton Hotels event
  • Aug 10 Sunway’s 50th
  • Aug 28 Travel trade fun day
  • Aug 30 MSC Splendida in Dublin
  • Aug 31 MSC Splendida in Cork
  • Sept 1 Virgin Atlantic golf day
  • Sept 3-4 Air Waves, Portrush
  • Sept 6-8 Seatrade Europe, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Sept 7-9, PATA Travel Mart, Jakarta
  • Sept 13 Aer Lingus Los Angeles trade event
  • Sept 14-16 Travelmart Latin America, Iguassu Falls, Brazil
  • Sept 15 United cup@Carton
  • Sept 29-Oct 2 Top Resa, Paris
  • Sept 10-13 FITA, Santa Cruz
  • Sept 19-22, Adventure Travel World Summit, Anchorage
  • Sept 25-27 World Routes, Chengdu
  • Sept 26-30 Meetings & Incentive Forum, Madrid
  • Sept 28 Sunway 50th Birthday Media & Suppliers Lunch, TBA
  • Oct 11 Skal function, Herbert Park Hotel
  • Oct 21 NI Travel Trade Awards, Newcastle, Co Down
  • Oct 29-Nov 1 Skål World Congress, Monaco,
  • Nov 7-9 WTM London
  • Nov 8 Skal tour of Guinness Storehouse
  • Nov 10 Scottish Travel Trade Awards,
  • Nov 11-12 Travel centres conference, Mulingar
  • Nov 19 Worldchoice conference, Sealed, Co Wexford
  • Nov 19-21 CLIA rivercruise conference, Amsterdam
  • Nov 25 ITTN Awards
  • Nov 26-28 ITAA conference, Uniworld Antoinette
  • Nov 29-Dec 1 IBTM World, Barcelona
  • Dec 2 American airlines trade event
  • Dec 9 Star alliance event
  • Dec 13 Skal president’s lunch
  • Dec 16 The Travel Corporation event


  • Jan 20-22 2017 Holiday World. Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast
  • Jan 25 2017 Irish Travel Industry Awards, Mansion House, Dublin
  • Jan 27-29 2017 Holiday World, RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin
  • February 19-20 2017 Holiday Show in Association with Shannon Airport UL Limerick
  • June 3-7 2017 IPW (Pow Wow), Washington DC


  • Jan 19-21 2018 Holiday World. Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast
  • Jan 26-28 2018 Holiday World, RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin
  • May 19-23 2018 IPW (Pow Wow), Denver

2019 – 2024

  • Jan 18-20 2019 Holiday World. Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast
  • Jan 25-27 2019 Holiday World, RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin
  • June 1-5 2019 IPW (Pow Wow), Anaheim
  • May 30 –June 3 2020 IPW (Pow Wow), Las Vegas
  • April 24-28 2021 IPW (Pow Wow), Chicago
  • June 4-8 2022 IPW (Pow Wow), Orlando
  • May 20-23, 2023 IPW (Pow Wow), San Antonio
  • May 4-8, 2024 IPW (Pow Wow), Los Angeles

2019 – 2024

  • Jan 18-20 2019 Holiday World. Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast
  • Jan 25-27 2019 Holiday World, RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin
  • June 1-5 2019 IPW (Pow Wow), Anaheim
  • May 30 –June 3 2020 IPW (Pow Wow), Las Vegas
  • April 24-28 2021 IPW (Pow Wow), Chicago
  • June 4-8 2022 IPW (Pow Wow), Orlando
  • May 20-23, 2023 IPW (Pow Wow), San Antonio
  • May 4-8, 2024 IPW (Pow Wow), Los Angeles

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April 2016: Cruise issue
March 2016: Awards issue
February 2016: Holiday World issue
December/January 2015/16: Bridal issue
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October 2015: Ski issue
September 2015: Accommodation issue


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