TRAVEL Extra’s Sunday Supplement: Trade takes a €400,000 hit & Aer Lingus looks west again


The new 51st and Green lounge at Dublin airport which opened Monday last

The new 51st and Green lounge at Dublin airport which opened Monday last


  • Aer Lingus looking west but when and where
  • Best yet to come at Bray air show
  • Lowcost debacle, trade will pay for a long time to come
  • Spacious, well-lit, near the runway: Dublin Airport’s new lounge
  • Tourism Ireland briefs on post-Brexit British market

Travel Extra TV

video of the week july 23Air New Zealand launched a series of Hollywood-inspired safety videos. Watch here our video of the week.

  • Airbus uploaded a 360º video from inside an A380 flight demo at the Farnborough Airshow. Watch here.
  • Terrifying footage of a man slipping off a homemade waterslide did the social media rounds this week. He sustained a broken humerus bone, fractured ribs and multiple lacerations, but didn’t need surgery. Watch here.
  • A kayak tour group was approached by an injured humpback whale looking for help. Watch here.
  • Viviana Guzmán also attracted the attention of a humpback whale while she was out paddleboarding. Watch here.
  • Fishermen taking part in a tournament off the coast of Chatham, Massachusetts spotted a great white shark in the water. Watch here.
  • See this amazing footage of a lava flow burning a patch of the Kipuka forrest, Hawaii. Watch here.
  • Meet Emirates captain Ashley Klinger, part of a YouTube series. Watch here.
  • Dublin Airport uploaded a timelapse video to show how busy the airport is between 6.00am and 8.00am. Watch here.
  • Ryanair uploaded a montage of travel videos submitted by customers. Watch here.
  • The English Guardian uploaded footage of the massive queues at Dover port after French customers upped their security yesterday. Some passengers waited more than 12 hours to pass through. Watch here.

Behind the Headlines

aer lingus tailFriday next, IAG Q2 report day, is the new announcement date for Aer Lingus, flush with trans-Atlantic expansionist zeal having secured two extra Airbus A330-300s for the summer 2017 season on top of the two being delivered this year. This will bring its A330 count to 12 from the pre-expansion total of seven, Talks have been re-entered with several north American airports, of which the most enthusiastic include Miami (whose lobbying activities included the IATA summit in Dublin), Dallas, Philadelphia, Detroit and Charleston. There are more in the mix: Aer Lingus has spoken to nearly 100 different airports in their search for new direct destinations from Dublin. Smaller US airports are showing a lot of interest in the performance of the Hartford route, due to launch in September. Aer Lingus are anxious to bed this route and the new Newark service down for 2017 before next summer’s expansion. Willie Walsh recently flirted with the possibility of looking to Boeing’s successor to the 757 (MOM, the “middle of market” jet sized between current single- and twin-aisle offerings) instead of the nine Airbus A350s on the order books for three deliveries a year between 2018 and 2020. Aer Lingus executives including Wiliie Walsh and the current and previous CEOs believing the A350 has two long a range for Aer Lingus’s requirements. Airbus has been good to Aer Lingus with some bargain end-of-line purchases, so talk about a switch to Boeing may be premature. What is clear is that the extra order book options promised by Willie Walsh in the aftermath of the IAG takeover are coming to pass. Another pattern that is developing is the use of morning slots for Aer Lingus aircraft and evening slots for American codeshare partners, something that may happen if Aer Lingus joins the Philadelphia route as expected. Delta’s reduction of services to London in the wake of the British referendum also opens up the possibility of Dublin-Detroit, a route that almost came to pass in Northwest days.

US preclearance lounge 1813The 51st and Green Lounge for business class customers of four airlines that use American pre-clearance at Dublin Airport opened last Monday, spacious, well-lit and so near the runway that you expect an aircraft to drive over it at any stage. Travel Extra was among the media who were brought to sample the a la carte menu provided by the Compass group (because it is past customs, US border control and most importantly the US Department of Agriculture checkpoint no pork, beef or lamb is served, just poultry and fish), some cocktails and most importantly, the Andantino Sangiovese and Chilensis Cabernet Sauvignon on offer. A buffet (no charge) and a menu of three hot food options (about 10) are on offer for guests and modern lounge basics such as showers and charging stations feature in the Newgrange shaped glass walled structure. The lounge is available to transatlantic passengers travelling with Aer Lingus, Delta, United and American Airlines holding a business class ticket and airline club cards. Watch here a first look at the lounge and watch here Siobhan O’Donnell of Dublin Airport speaking about the lounge. Picture shows Philip Bolger, John Sisson, Suzanne Tormey and Cathy Burke of Dublin Airport at a preview of the passenger lounge after US Preclearance in Terminal 2. See more pictures here or connect with the album on Facebook.

The Red Arrows display over RAF ScamptonItaly’s Frecce Tricolori and England’s Red Arrows have arrived to participate in the Bray Air show today. The Breiting wingwalkers are among the 27 jets, 46 aircraft and pitots, 50 support crew and 20 volunteers participating. Today’s lineup include Patrouille Tranchant from Brittany flying Fouga, the Triggs Vintage glamour and dynamic close formation flying of two Pitts Special S-1D biplanes, The Irish Air Corps, CityJet’s new SuperJet SSJ100, Black Knights Irish Defence Forces Parachute Team, Irish Historic FlightFoundation flying IOLAR and three Chipmunk aircraft, the Ravens A formation aerobatic display team ,Irish Coast Guard Search and Rescue Demonstration , the Red Arrows, the ‘Swedish Air Force historic flight flying Viggen, the Blades A display team of former Red Arrow pilots, Irish Parachute Club and new Aer Lingus 321.

paul evansThe cost of the Lowcostbeds debacle is still being counted by the Irish travel trade and will be counted for months to come. Travel Agents have been refunding the 20pc of clients to booked with Paul Evans‘ (pictured)  bedbank, an operation that has cost the travel trade in Ireland an estimated €400,000, more than half of it paid out by two major retail chains. Smaller agents have been facing routine bills of €3,000-€5,000. “If it was €15,000, it could have closed me down,” one rural agent said this week.

The tour operator and bedbank handled 90,000 bookings and about €50m of business from Ireland a year, and while the bond of €1.25m with the Balearic government is clearly inadequate to handle compensation from international clients, less well known fact is that the Irish bond with the Commission of Aviation Regulation is also under pressure, which means the legacy bond may be called upon.

Eoghan Corry on Marian Finucane copyCredit card companies are also facing a call back of several hundred thousand euro. Apart from the customers who were caught out abroad by angry hoteliers demanding that they pay again for their holidays, often at a higher rate than the original price obtained from Lowcost (some hoteliers’ rates are double the original cost), there are also clients who have not yet travelled who will have to forfeit their holiday or purchase it again at a higher rate. There will also be a knock-on affect from other bedbanks who purchased stock from Lowcost. None of the questions that have been raised are likely to be answered soon about the inadequacy of a bonding system designed in 1984 to bring home stranded chartered flight customers or about the complex commercial arrangements of the gloriously unbonded bedbank sector. Instead travel agents can likely expect further demands on guarantees and increased service charges from credit card companies. Crowdfunding website GoFundMe said that a number of pages were set up to raise money for holidaymakers affected by the failure of the Lowcost Group. Around 140,000 customers have lost out . The ITAA said current travel legislature is out of date and called on the Government to introduce new laws to protect consumers. Pat Dawson said the ITAA has requested a meeting with minister Shane Ross. A scheduled meeting with the commission of Aviation Regulation on September 1 is also likely to be dominated by the bedbank issue. Karl Tyrrell circulated the trade pointing out that agents who pay BookaBed by SEPA Direct Debit in Ireland have further protection, under the rules of the Core SEPA Scheme our customers can recall a direct debit payment taken within eight weeks of it being paid in the event of a failure. Listen here to Travel Extra’s Eoghan Corry speaking about Lowcost on the Sean O’Rourke show on RTE 1. Listen here to Travel Extra’s Eoghan Corry speaking about the week in travel on the Marian Finucane show on RTE 1.

erdogan on cnn turkThe Department of Foreign Affairs restored Turkey’s status as an “exercise caution” destination in time for the Sunway and Aer Lingus charter to Izmir last weekend and the Falcon Holidays flight to Dalaman. Turkish airlines extended their rebooking facilities to August 18 for anyone affected by last weekend’s events. The speed with which Turkish Airlines had their services back up and running, including their twice daily Dublin service, was remarkable after last weekend’s attempted coup, although the fact that the airside aprons had been invaded by passengers delayed FAA clearance. The airport information services broke down on the Friday night and economy class passengers in true revolutionary spirit invaded the Star Alliance lounge.

kimpton joe tully_2633Cindy Brewster of Kimpton Hotels hinted that they will be opening a hotel in Dublin sooner than expected when they hosted the Irish travel trade at Chapter One on Monday evening. Watch here Cindy Brewster of Kimpton Hotels speaking at the event and watch here an interview with David Powell of Bill Kimpton’s original hotel in San Francisco at the event. Picture shows Judy McCluskey, Greg Evans, prize winner Joe Tully, Marie Jacques Lopes, and Cindy Brewster at the event. See more pictures here or connect with the album on Facebook.

niall gibbonsAs the fallout from Brexit rumbles on, Tourism Ireland hosted a briefing and update on the British market. Niall Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland, (pictured) said it was too early to predict the long-term implications of Brexit for Ireland’s tourism sector. “The British market will remain of significant importance for all of us in the short, medium and long-term,” he said. “We have committed to continued monitoring of developments over coming months.  But, for now, it is very much business as usual.  Tourism Ireland’s €4m promotional campaign will continue to roll out in Britain from now until the end of the year.” Oxford Economics analysis presented at the briefing predicts that outbound visits from Britain will decide by 2.4pc in 2017. Currency movements will make holidays more expensive for British visitors to the Eurozone, especially in the short term. Tourism Ireland reassured that it sees no short-term changes to either the Common Travel Area or the joint visa schemes with Britain.

glasgow two_2162People make Glasgow hosted the Irish travel trade in Dublin with news of the world pipe band championship on August 8-14 which will include two Irish contenders among the front-pipers, Laurence O’Toole from Dublin and Field Marshall Montgomery from Belfast. Scottish international trips were up 20pc in the first three months of the year. Domestic trips were up 5.9pc to 1,187,000 but visits from England were down 5.6pc to 1,247,000. Scotland gets 2.6m international visits per year and another 4.5m from England and 4m Scottish domestic trips. Watch here Gordon Boag of Glasgow Life speaking about the 2016 Pipe Band Championship in Glasgow, August 8-14 2016 and watch here interview with Elaine Dickie of People Make Glasgow. Picture shows Elaine Dickie and Alison Fleming.. See more pictures here or connect with the album on Facebook.

Travel Trade

Lipsync final 1003Brenda Murray Flynn of Travel Counsellors won the MSC and Emirates lip sync competition in Bad Bob’s in Dublin, hilariously compered by Peter O’Hanlon of Travelfinders. Picture shows some of the guests at the event.

sandra corkin 001Oasis Travel won the regional award at the 2016 Travel Weekly Achievement Awards, picture shows Lucy Huxley of Travel Weekly, Angela Day, chief executive of Affordable Car Hire, the category sponsor; Sandra Corkin of Oasis and English TV personality Stephen Mulhern, the Awards host.

fiveaside trophyThis year’s travel industry fun day target is €70,000 on Sunday 28th August 2016 at Wanderers Rugby Football Club, Merrion Road, Dublin 4. The committee say would like see more of the industry get behind this event, which is the only dedicated charity event across the industry. Five-aside football teams wishing to compete should register now at as there is a limit of 16 teams in four groups. There must be one lady on the team of five and two substitutes. Trainers only to be worn. Silver sponsorship is €1,500 and Headline sponsorship is €3,000. In addition to the usual games, a new nine-hole mini-golf is being added, together with more inflatables and games. Picture shows Philip Airey and Ciaran Mulligan launching the event.

  • Amadeus distribution channel recorded record profits for the first half of the year for merchandising.
  • The ITAA Benevolent Fund website was revamped by the Association.
  • Travelport signed a long-term full content agreement with Aeroflot.

Travel Media

Conor McMahon_byline 2Monday’s edition of the Irish Examiner includes a feature by Conor McMahon (pictured) on how marketers are capitalising on the Pokémon Go gaming craze. The augmented reality game features a version of Google Maps that players use to search for prized Pokémon. In a bid to entice gamers to congregate at their shopfronts and boost footfall, savvy retailers are already using in-app “lures” to increase the number of Pokémon characters in an area for a set period of time. In the report, it is suggested that tourism brands could benefit from running Pokémon Go campaigns since the game encourages players to explore their surroundings.

Strange World

japanese passportOnly 5pc of Japanese people aged 18 to 22 had a passport in 2015, according to data from the Japan Tourism Agency. Worries about security and language barriers are the main reason for the decline in overseas travel for young people. As a result, Narita International Airport Corporation and the Japan Association of Travel Agents are running a joint campaign through to mid-January 2017 where they are giving away ¥10,000 to the first 500 18 to 22-year-olds who obtain or renew a passport.

  • A Duck Tours boat in London had to call rescue services after it got stuck in the mud at the bottom of the Thames. Twenty-eight passengers and two staff were on board. Four fire brigade crews were sent to rescue the vessel after it was stuck between Vauxhall Bridge and MI6 HQ.
  • A court in England heard that a man en route to Malaga bought and downed duty free wine at Bristol airport and got so abusive onboard the aircraft that the flight had to turn around.
  • A Cathay Pacific flight was delayed for three hours after a passenger tore off a part of the ceiling, mistaking it for an overhead luggage compartment.
  • Western lowland gorillas at London Zoo were given blocks of frozen fruit tea and hazelnuts to cool off in the hot weather. See the cute pictures here.
  • An American surfer was left in a serious but stable condition after he fended off a large crocodile with his bare hands at a tourist beach in Costa Rica.
  • Trouser snakes? A man was arrested at a Jakarta Airport after security discovered 10 baby snakes hidden in his trousers.


  • Travelport and OYO announced a hotel content deal.
  • Dallas-based Omni Hotels & Resorts reported that some of its properties’ point-of-sales-systems were attacked by unauthorised malware.
  • Catherine Fitzgerald, the wife of actor Dominic West, plans to turn her family’s ancestral home, Glin Castle in Co Limerick, into a boutique hotel. She had initially planned to sell the house, which was on the market for €6.5m. It has been to the Fitzgeralds for 700 years.
  • Online customer reviews are driving changes in the hotel and leisure industry, according to a report by Barclays. Four-fifths of Irish companies surveyed said online reviews were a major driver for increases in turnover.
  • Marriott International extended its partnership with the National Basketball Association in the US.
  • Celebrity socialite Paris Hilton, great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton of the Hilton chain, is set to open her own collection of luxury hotels. Three properties are planned for Dubai, New York and Las Vegas. his comes after she opened a series of nightclubs in the Philippines.
  • Premier Inn is to abandon plans to expand in India and South East Asia. It will focus on Germany in the Middle East instead.
  • Capsule hotel chain Yotel has rebranded its airport hotels as Yotel Air.


  • The third annual 2017 Global Travel Price Outlook by the Global Business Travel Association and Carlson Wagonlit Travel provides global, regional and country-by-country projections for air travel, hotel, ground transportation and meetings and events prices in 2017.
  • Listen here to a discussion on art galleries abroad with Travel Extra’s Eoghan Corry, Barbara Dawson director of the Hugh Lane Gallery and cousin of Pat Dawson and Anne Hedge who is the curator of print and drawings at the National Gallery.
  • Sony has partnered with sustainable swimwear label AURIA to create the world’s first travel collection made out of redundant headphone wires.
  • The US Holocaust Memorial Museum and Arlington National Cemetery have requested that smartphone users refrain from “catching” Pokemon when they are visiting.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashton Kutcher and Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert are scheduled to speak in November at a three-day event sponsored by Airbnb in Los Angeles. Last year, the Airbnb Open drew 5,000 hosts from 110 countries.
  • The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey says nearly 400 diamondback terrapin turtles have laid eggs and built nests in the area around the airport this year.
  • Prague joined Barcelona in introducing a ban on segways, starting in August.

Food and Beverages

  • Applications for Foodie Destinations 2016 are now open.
  • Vintners Association Support Your Local campaign claimed excise tax on a 750ml standard bottle of wine in Ireland is €3.19, while excise on a standard bottle of wine in France is €0.03.
  • Ballymaloe Cookery School is offering a five day course from August 29. It will include demos and cookery classes and a lesson on how to milk cows. Participants will learn how to sow sees and make cheese. The course runs from 9.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, and costs €1,450. Visit
  • Bord Bia launched an interactive map featuring 65 award-winning restaurants across the country as part of its Just Ask initiative.


Busy Dublin Airport 2[1]Having handled a record 100,312 passengers in a single day on June 24, beating at last the record of 96,931 set on Sunday August 6, 2006, Dublin airport is looking at three extremely busy weekends in the coming weeks. For the first time in airport history the 22,000 parking spaces from DAA filled as well as the 6,000 Quickpark spaces. Long term red holds 7,000 spaces, blue 8,600 and green 2,400 while T1 short term holds 1,900 and T2 short term 2,100.

Dublin airport traffic in June was up 2.7m or by 9pc, Europe was up 8pc, England/Scotland/Wales 848,000 up 13pc, Transatlantic up 11pc, ME/Africa down 3pc and domestic up 26pc (off a small base). Passenger Numbers are up 13pc in the first six months at Dublin Airport suggesting 28.2m will go through the airport in 2016 if this growth is sustained.

aer lingus skytraxAll awards have their confrontations with credulity, Skytrax World Airline Awards (website) more than most, at which Emirates succeded Qatar as the world’s best airline award winner. While it is perennially controversial, it is the least Eurocentric of the aviation awards. Ratings are controversially weighted towards Asia where Skytrax does consultancy work. Eight airlines won five star status, all of them in Asia or Australia: ANA All Nippon Airways Japan, Asiana Korea, Cathay Pacific Hong Kong, EVA Taiwan, Garuda Indonesia, Hainan China, Qatar and Singapore Airlines. Aer Lingus rose to 39th place from 61st this year, were second in the most improved category (is Travel Extra alone in suspecting this more about awareness, thanks to the hubbing of Dublin, than any improvement in their traditionally high service standards), moved from three to four star status and earned their highest ever finish in the trans-Atlantic category, at tenth. Ryanair, who are rated two star and have never finished with sight of a Skytrax gong, finished fifth in Europe’s best low cost (won by Norwegian). But in the European regional airline top ten (won by Aegean), the two Irish based are nowhere to be seen. Turkish were the highest finishers for Europe but also won coveted awards for best business class dining and lounge dining, justifying their decision to go it alone with their catering systems, rather than rely on Gate Gourmet like everyone else (Aer Lingus also persists with their own catering). Travel Extra’s inbox has been filled with overblown press releases from who received awards, while Aer Lingus dedicated Monday’s press conference, originally intended for a route announcement to their 39th place. As Jack Charlton mused when he saw the welcome home ceremony from Italia 90: what would have happened if we actually won something. The top ten were (last year in brackets) 1 Emirates (5); 2 Qatar (1); 3 Singapore (2); 4 Cathay Pacific (3); 5 ANA (7); 6 Etihad (6); 7 Turkish (4); 8 EVA Air (9); 9 Qantas (10); 10 Lufthansa (12); Airport Services ANA All Nippon; Airline Alliance Star; Inflight Entertainment Emirates; Cleanest Cabins Cathay Pacific; Transatlantic Lufthansa; Transpacific EVA Air; Leisure Airline Thomson; Most Improved Thai; Regional Bangkok; Cabin Staff Garuda Indonesia; Low-Cost AirAsia; Independent Airport Lounge 1 Plaza Premium Lounge T2 LHR. First Class Etihad; First Class Airline Lounges Cathay Pacific; First Class Seats Etihad; First Class Catering Etihad; First Class Lounge Dining Air France; First Class Amenities Air France; Business Class Qatar; Business Class Lounges Qatar; Business Class Seats Singapore; Business Class Catering Turkish; Business Class Lounge Dining Turkish; Business Class Amenities EVA Air; Economy Class Asiana; Economy Class Catering Asiana; Economy Class Seats Asiana; Skytrax list of 600 world carriers nominated North Korea’s airline Air Koryo the world’s worst airline for the fifth year in a row.

Topflight Travel Photographer of the Year, Dublin Airport, Terminal 1 (pic 2) copyThe Topflight Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition is now on display in Cork Airport.

Egyptair flight 804 appears to have broken up in midair after a fire. Travel Extra was unusual (almost alone) in discounting the terrorist attack theory that dominated news coverage of the event. See report here based on information from the Airbus A320’s flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder. Listen here to Travel Extra editor Eoghan Corry discussing the incident at the time on RTÉ Radio 1.

Pictured welcoming Cardinal Sean O Malley, Archbishop of Boston, to

The first trans-Atlantic pilgrim flight from Boston arrived at Knock this week. Pictured welcoming Cardinal Sean O Malley, Archbishop of Boston, is John Keogh, Head of Group Travel and Charter Flight Sales with Aer Lingus.

  • Emirates introduced what it called the world’s first interactive amenity kit in economy class
  • A YouGov survey of 9,000 passengers at London City Airport, including 1,000 from Ireland, found that the Irish are most likely to buy gifts, with 78pc making a purchase for family or friends.
  • Belfast City Airport awarded NATS their air traffic control contract.
  • IdeaWorksCompany’s latest ancillary revenue report, sponsored by CarTrawler, found that the top ten airlines surveyed generated between $1bn and $6.2bn in ancillary revenue last year.
  • It was reported this week that Muslim man Mohamed Ahmed Radwan was removed from an American Airlines flight after a flight attendant announced over the tannoy system his name, seat number and said she would be watching him. The incident allegedly took place last December and came to light when the Council on American-Islamic Relations filed a complaint to the Department of Transportation.
  • London Heathrow showcased its first TV ad campaign, First Flight, to mark its 70th year. The ad was launched on social media channels and is to David Bowie’s song, ‘When I Live I Dream’. Watch here.
  • Aircraft lessor SMBC Aviation Capital saw profits up 22pc to $530m last year. Group revenues exceeded the billion euro mark for the first time, up 15pc to $1.05bn.
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle ordered 30 Airbus A321LRs for its trans-Atlantic services. Norwegian will take delivery of ht first aircraft in 2019. It has 300 Airbus on order since June 2012.
  • Research conducted by Skyscanner found that passengers would only play $8 per hour to shorten long haul travel. Those surveyed said they would only play $1-$2 to reduce travel time on short haul flights.
  • Qatar Airways renewed its partnership with FC Barcelona until June 30 2017.

AfloatIreland cruise stats copy

Ben Bouldin of Royal Caribbean hosted the trade and reported that the Irish ocean cruise market rebounded at a higher rate than the English market up 14pc to 35,972 in 2015 (all cruise lines). The Mediterranean accounted for 60pc of the Irish market in 2015, 21,475 passengers (up 28pc) ahead of the Caribbean 8,022 (up 3pc), Baltic/Scandinavia 2,389 (down 11pc), Greenland/Iceland 1,278 (down 14pc), Middle East 1,186 down 6pc, Alaska 535 down 14pc, Far East/Australia 464 down 25pc, Britain 441 and Panama 262.

  • Aqua Amazon Exterior ViewAqua Amazon, a luxury river cruiser, sank in the Amazon after an explosion on board. At least two people died in the tragedy with five still missing.
  • Celebrity Cruises announced that the Celebrity Equinox will sail year-round eastern and western Caribbean cruises from Miami in 2017.
  • A Norwegian Breakaway crew member tragically died during a routine safety drill when a lifeboat fell and injured three others.
  • Costa Cruises announced that it will base a ship in Mumbai for its inaugural season in India. The weekly service is slated to start as soon as December and will be the first major cruise line sailing from Mumbai to Male.
  • Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Celebrity Cruises were among the cruise lines to alter their itineraries to calls beyond Istanbul following last week’s failed coup by the Turkish military. All three lines have replaced calls at Kusadasi with ports in Greece. Celebrity cancelled a visit to Bodrum, opting for Sicily instead.
  • Seabourn is offering South Pole excursions on select Antarctica and Patagonia itineraries for the 2016/17 season. Passengers on board the Seabourn Quest can extend their cruise with one of two packages that include a trans-Antarctic flight.
  • Fred Olsen Cruise Line launched its kids’ club, Little Skipper, on board its fleet.


Galway International Arts Festival expects an increased attendance this year form the USA. Attendance last year was 230,000 with overseas visitors making up 27pc of that figure. England and US are the most important international markets for the festival and this year visits to the festival website is up 35pc from the US.

expressway 39Bus Éireann will run a shuttle service to and from Galway racecourse from Eyre Square to Ballybrit Racecourse and back, starting on Monday, July 25th through to Sunday, July 31st 2016 every 15 minutes up until 17.00 with buses departing from the racecourse on demand, up until 21.30 for €6 single, and €9 return.

Fáilte Ireland published Tourism Facts 2015, a report on how tourism fared last year including overseas market performance, regional spread, holidaymaker behaviour as well as information on the domestic market. It found that overseas tourist visits to Ireland were up 13.1pc to 8m in 2015. Expenditure was estimated to be €5.9 billion for the year. Mainland Europe was the largest source market in terms of seen at €1.6 billion. Unsurprisingly, Britain is the biggest source market accounting for 42pc of inbound traffic. Irish residents took 7.5m domestic trips in 2015, spending an estimated €1.5 billion.

Eoghan O’Mara Walsh of ITIC interviewed General Manager of the GPO Witness Experience Aline Fitzgerald to find out more about a new and exciting tourism product. See here.

Erris Head Loop on the Wild Atlantic Way, Melifont Abbey in Ireland’s Ancient East and Howth Head in Dublin can now be accessed in Street View.

Clare County Council said 7,129 visited Loop Head Lighthouse between April and June, up 5pc compared to the same period last year.

Top international journalists from Australia, Canada, Belgium and Germany were in Strandhill enjoying surfing, as part of a visit to the Wild Atlantic Way Surf and Bay Coast, which was organised by Fáilte Ireland, in conjunction with Tourism Ireland. Pictured are Francois Laurent, Belgium, MelissaGreer, Canada, Julia Baehr, Germany and Brenda King, Fáilte Ireland. [Photo: James Connolly]

Journalists from Australia, Canada, Belgium and Germany visited the Wild Atlantic Way as guests of Fáilte Ireland in conjunction with Tourism Ireland. Their itinerary included a surfing lesson at Strandhill with Tom Hickey of Perfect Day Surfing, horse riding with Ursula Schweiger of Island View Riding Stables, a coastal walking tour with Auriel Robinson, and a visit to Martin Feeney’s farm for a sheepdog demonstration.



Fáilte Ireland also hosted seven US golfing media on the Wild Atlantic Way. The trip, organised in conjunction with Tourism Ireland, included visits to Connemara Championship Links, Ballyconneely, Galway; Lahinch Golf Club in Clare; Westport Golf Club and Carne Golf Club, Mayo; and Enniscrone Golf Links, Sligo.

Crew from Indian TV channel TravelpxHD visited the Wild Atlantic Way as guests of Fáilte Ireland and Tourism Ireland to film four episodes of a lifestyle programme.

Deal Watch

tourism ni deal watchTourism NI offers: 1 night B&B Galgorm Resort & Spa, Co Antrim from £90pps incl. round of golf at the Galgorm Castle Golf Club, available until December 31, call 028 2588 1001. 1 night B&B girls night party package, Marine Court Hotel, Co Down from £60pps incl. four-course evening meal, cocktail making lesson and VIP entry to Calico Jacks residents bar, available until December 17, call 028 9145 1100. 2 nights B&B Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast from £170pps incl. four-course evening meal on one evening with bottle of house wine and two entrance tickets to Titanic Belfast, available until December 31, call 028 9044 2080.

Sunway offers: 7 nights full board Croatia/Italy Med cruise on board Norwegian Jade from €969pp incl. flights, taxes, fees and ultimate drinks package, depart October 23. 7 nights full board Western Med cruise on board Norwegian Epic from €1,069pp incl. flights, taxes, fees and ultimate drinks package, depart May 7 2017. 7 nights full board Christmas cruise on board Norwegian Spirit from €1,139pp incl. flights, taxes, fees and ultimate drinks package, depart December 20. 10 nights full board Baltics Capitals cruise on board Norwegian Getaway from €1,499pp incl. 1 night pre stay in Copenhagen, taxes, fees and ultimate drinks package, depart May 15 2017. 7 nights all inclusive La Palmyre Atlantique, France from €797pp, depart September 12. 3 nights 3* Stratosphere Tower Hotel, Las Vegas from €625pp, depart February 16 2017. 5 nights 3* Comfort Inn Downtown Vancouver from €925pp, depart May 10 2017. 7 nights all inclusive 4* Hotel Riu Cancun, Mexico from €1,439pp, depart April 13 2017. Visit or call 01 231 1800.

Falcon offers: 7 nights half board 2* Hotel Polyusi, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria from €499pps, depart August 29. 7 nights all inclusive 3* Haiti Hotel, Ca’n Picafort, Majorca from €689pps, depart August 31. 7 nights self catering 3* Jardin Del Sol Apartments, Playa Del Ingles, Gran Canaria from €479pps, depart September 1. 7 nights self catering 2* Portofino Sorrento, Santa Ponsa, Majorca from €589pps, depart September 3. 7 nights all inclusive 3* Zafiris Apartments, Sidari, Corfu from €699pps, depart September 9. 7 nights self catering 2* Iris Hotel, Kos Town from €439pps, depart September 10. Visit or call 1850 45 35 45.

thomson deal watchThomson offers: 7 nights self catering Gran Amadores, Gran Canaria from €449pps, depart September 1. 7 nights self catering Nimar Villagie, Rhodes from €399pps, depart September 7. 7 nights self catering Zante Atlantis, Laganas, Zante from €459pps, depart September 13. 7 nights self catering Can Sanso Apartments, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza from €459pps, depart September 22. 7 nights self catering Nimar Village, Rhodes from €419pps, depart August 31. 7 nights half board Natura Palaca, Playa Blanca, Lanzarote from €689pps, depart Shannon August 29. 7 nights Protur Atalaya Apartments, Cala Millor, Majorca from €499pps, depart September 3. Visit or call 1850 45 35 45.

Click and Go offers: 7 nights all inclusive 4* Meridien Hotel, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria from €439pp incl. return flights, airport transfers, taxes and charges, travel in September. 7 nights half board, over 50s 4* Royal Al Andulas Hotel, Torremolinos, Costa del Sol from €339pp incl. return flights, airport transfers, taxes, charges and wine with evening meals, travel in October. 3 nights 4* Oxford Hotel, Rome from €199pp incl. return flights, airport taxes and charges, travel in November. 3 nights 5* Real Palacio Hotel, Lisbon from €199pp incl. return flights, airport taxes and charges, travel in December. Visit or call 01 539 7777.

Wendy Wu Tours is offering discounts on 200 Emirates departures from Dublin for 2016 in China, southeast Asia and India, with savings from €100pp to €500pp. Visit or call 0818 776 380.

Royal Caribbean offers: 7 night Arabian Gulf cruise on board Vision of the Seas from €1,549pp, depart December 19. 13 nights Mediterranean cruise on board Navigator of the Seas from €1,499pp, depart September 18. 14 nights Mediterranean cruise on board Independence of the Seas from €2,479pp, depart August 13. Visit or call 1800 555 604.

ITAA offers: 3 nights B&B 3* Tryp Madrid Gran Via hotel from €265pp incl. flights, depart October 9. 3 nights B&B 4* Bellevue Park Hotel Riga from €339pps incl. airport transfer, morning tour of Riga, checkin in bag of 15kg per room booked, depart September 26. 3 nights B&B 4* hotel, Bruges from €469pp incl. return flights, taxes, checking bag, return coach transfers, guided walking tour of Bruges, visit to chocolatier, visit to Ypres and tour of WWI battlefields, travel November.

Topflight offers, sale runs until July 29: 7 nights B&B 3* Hotel San Vincenzo, Letojanni, Sicily from €699pps, depart July 30. 7 nights B&B 3* Hotel Villa Linda, Giardini Naxos, Sicily from €599pps, depart July 30. 7 nights half board 3* Hotel Senior, Cattolica, Adriatic Riviera from €719pp, depart August 6. 7 nights half board 4* Vik Hotel San Antonio, Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote from €899pp, depart July 30. 7 nights self catering 4* Happy Camp Butterfly Village, Peschiera, Lake Garda from €669pps, depart August 6. 7 nights B&B 4* Vila Gale Ampalius, Vilamoura, the Algarve from €969pps, depart August 6. 7 nights self catering 4* Garda Village, Sirmione, Lake Garda from €599pps, depart August 20. 7 nights B&B 4* Four Views Baia, Funchal, Madeira from €749pps, depart August 11. Prices include return flights, transfers, taxes and rep service. Visit or call 01 240 1700.

Cassidy Travel offers, €50 deposit on select departures for 2016 and 2017: Orlando from €555, Miami from €683, Las Vegas from €523, New York from €598, Boston from €645, New Orleans from €807, San Diego from €740, San Francisco from €790. Visit or call 0818 332500.

Wendy Wu Tours is offering 2 night stays in Cambodia on select trips to Vietnam and 2 night stays in Hong Kong on select trips to China, Burma and Japan. Visit or call 0818 776 380.

Classic Resorts offers, book by August: 10 nights all inclusive 4* Occidental Punta Cana Resort, Dominican Republic from €1,579pp, travel September. 10 nights honeymoon in 4* Patong Merlin Resort, Phuket, Thailand from €1,079pp, travel September. 14 nights B&B 4* Le Canonnier Hotel, Mauritius from €1,955pp incl. champagne and fruits on arrival, two-course lunches during stay in select restaurant, one candlelight dinner and gift voucher for the Beachcomber boutique. Visit or call 01 874 5000.

See for more video.

Email to have your say or it is @TravelExtraIre on Twitter if that’s your bag.

Upcoming events of interest to the trade


  • Aug 10 Sunway’s 50th
  • Aug 28 Travel trade fun day
  • Aug 30 MSC Splendida in Dublin
  • Aug 31 MSC Splendida in Cork
  • Sept 1 Virgin Atlantic golf day
  • Sept 3-4 Air Waves, Portrush
  • Sept 6-8 Seatrade Europe, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Sept 7-9, PATA Travel Mart, Jakarta
  • Sept 13 Aer Lingus Los Angeles trade event
  • Sept 14-16 Travelmart Latin America, Iguassu Falls, Brazil
  • Sept 15 United cup@Carton
  • Sept 29-Oct 2 Top Resa, Paris
  • Sept 10-13 FITA, Santa Cruz
  • Sept 19-22, Adventure Travel World Summit, Anchorage
  • Sept 25-27 World Routes, Chengdu
  • Sept 26-30 Meetings & Incentive Forum, Madrid
  • Sept 28 Sunway 50th Birthday Media & Suppliers Lunch, TBA
  • Oct 11 Skal function, Herbert Park Hotel
  • Oct 21 NI Travel Trade Awards, Newcastle, Co Down
  • Oct 29-Nov 1 Skål World Congress, Monaco,
  • Nov 7-9 WTM London
  • Nov 8 Skal tour of Guinness Storehouse
  • Nov 10 Scottish Travel Trade Awards,
  • Nov 11-12 Travel centres conference, Mulingar
  • Nov 19 Worldchoice conference, Sealed, Co Wexford
  • Nov 19-21 CLIA rivercruise conference, Amsterdam
  • Nov 25 ITTN Awards
  • Nov 26-28 ITAA conference, Uniworld Antoinette
  • Nov 29-Dec 1 IBTM World, Barcelona
  • Dec 2 American airlines trade event
  • Dec 9 Star alliance event
  • Dec 13 Skal president’s lunch
  • Dec 16 The Travel Corporation event


  • Jan 20-22 2017 Holiday World. Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast
  • Jan 25 2017 Irish Travel Industry Awards, Mansion House, Dublin
  • Jan 27-29 2017 Holiday World, RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin
  • February 19-20 2017 Holiday Show in Association with Shannon Airport UL Limerick
  • June 3-7 2017 IPW (Pow Wow), Washington DC


  • Jan 19-21 2018 Holiday World. Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast
  • Jan 26-28 2018 Holiday World, RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin
  • May 19-23 2018 IPW (Pow Wow), Denver

2019 – 2024

  • Jan 18-20 2019 Holiday World. Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast
  • Jan 25-27 2019 Holiday World, RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin
  • June 1-5 2019 IPW (Pow Wow), Anaheim
  • May 30 –June 3 2020 IPW (Pow Wow), Las Vegas
  • April 24-28 2021 IPW (Pow Wow), Chicago
  • June 4-8 2022 IPW (Pow Wow), Orlando
  • May 20-23, 2023 IPW (Pow Wow), San Antonio
  • May 4-8, 2024 IPW (Pow Wow), Los Angeles

2019 – 2024

  • Jan 18-20 2019 Holiday World. Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast
  • Jan 25-27 2019 Holiday World, RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin
  • June 1-5 2019 IPW (Pow Wow), Anaheim
  • May 30 –June 3 2020 IPW (Pow Wow), Las Vegas
  • April 24-28 2021 IPW (Pow Wow), Chicago
  • June 4-8 2022 IPW (Pow Wow), Orlando
  • May 20-23, 2023 IPW (Pow Wow), San Antonio
  • May 4-8, 2024 IPW (Pow Wow), Los Angeles

Previous editions of TRAVEL Extra’s Sunday supplement

Previous issues

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May 2016: Canada issue
April 2016: Cruise issue
March 2016: Awards issue
February 2016: Holiday World issue
December/January 2015/16: Bridal issue
November 2015: Winter cruise issue
October 2015: Ski issue
September 2015: Accommodation issue


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